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Sage Intelligence

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The Sage 100 Intelligence Reporting module empowers you to quickly and easily obtain the information required for improved operations and reporting across your entire business. Based on the familiar Microsoft ® Excel ® application, the Business Intelligence module lets you effortlessly create reports and analyze data, improving your visibility into your organization. Developed and priced for anyone to use, Intelligence Reporting yields powerful results that can help you:

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Sage 100 - Sage Intelligence

Improve visibility throughout your business to make faster, more informed business decisions.

Sage Intelligence is a module in Sage 100. It extracts data from Sage 100 and delivers it in a Microsoft® Excel® format that is easy to understand and manipulate, putting you in control of the design of your reports.

Essentially, Sage 100 Intelligence Reporting empowers you to:

  • Use your existing Microsoft® Excel® knowledge to easily write and edit reports, giving you instant visibility across your business.

  • Spend more time focusing on analysis and interpretation of your information and less time pulling the data together.

  • Design customized reports that suit your business’s unique requirements.


Customized financial report and workflow design services may include:


  • Custom reports designed and implemented using Sage 100 ERP Intelligence

  • Generating multi-company consolidation reports

  • Develop in-depth financial, operational, customer, and vendor reports.

  • Build reports from all Sage-100 Modules


DRW Consulting was founded to help VAR's & End Users with their Sage-100 Business Intelligence needs.


I have worked in the Accounting Software Industry for 30 years. The last 24 years with Sage-100 (MAS90).


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